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The BIG difference is our Audience!

Our site visitors are business professionals actively seeking guidance on how to introduce BPM technology and practices.

Our visitors seek to understand BPM big picture business topics, not just the technical details.

It's an independent BPM site that offers cogent, well organized educational information, so they read more pages and spend more time on our site.

Outstanding, Economical Rates and Programs!

Just a few of the key stats:

-5000+ unique visitors/19,500+ page views per mo. and growing rapidly (80% new visitors)
-Average offer conversion rate 6.25%, average ad click through rate 1.92%

-Top content downloads:
   ROI Calculator
   Basics of Process Mapping and Modeling
   BPMS Vendor Comparison

-Top search terms that drive site traffic (all of the following rank in Google 1st Page, Top 5 or better natural search returns):
  'What is BPM'  
  'What is Business Process Management'  
  'What is BPMS'
  'BPM Consulting'
  'BPM Methodology'
  'Best BPM'
  'Best BPM Books'

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